Specialty Buildings

Our Specialty Buildings include Breezeways and Event Kiosks, which both serve multiple purposes to help you get your job done. 

Breezeways are the ideal solution to allow foot traffic to continue uninterrupted while your project is underway. Your construction site stays operational and inaccessible as our Breezeways shield and shelter pedestrians from debris and other worksite hazards. Breezeways can also be paired with a second-storey office solution with our Bulldog Offices, or stacked with our Storage Containers, to provide much needed office space, lunchrooms and meeting space for the construction site. 

Kiosks are compact, durable and easily relocatable. The large windows equipped with sliders to manage customer transactions make kiosks ideal for use as a ticket booth or security office. Installed at ground level, our Kiosks are accessibility friendly and offer your event employees and volunteers shelter from the elements, rain or shine. 

Visit our BOXX Modular website for products available in other Canadian provinces. 

Visit our BOXX Modular website