Two-Storey Office Complex

Two-Storey Office Complex

2,880 sq. ft. | 38 days


On-site offices, workspaces and break rooms

Britco’s client, a ship builder on the West Coast, required a dedicated workplace for employees contracted to design, manufacture and assemble a new ship destined for the Coast Guard. The secondary but equally important objective was to create a building that functioned as both a two-storey office building with meeting rooms, and a structure that could be repurposed into future single-storey buildings once returned to Britco. Although the structure was contracted as a functional workplace, the atmosphere needed to be comfortable and welcoming to workers, with a layout conducive to operations. As the site is located in a high seismic zone, the engineered structural components needed to be strengthened to allow the building to be suitable for use as intended.  
Building Use: Office Complex
Number of Modules: 4
Size of Project: 2,880 sq. ft.
Completion time: 38 days  


Modern, fit-for-purpose, two-storey office space

The two-storey, 2,880 square-foot building provides employees and contractors on this ship-building contract with abundant office space and lunchroom areas. The complex is accessed by site-built exterior stairs, allowing for quick and unimpeded entrance for either of the two floors. The modular units include an upgraded HVAC system, modern and efficient LED lighting, and lots of windows to allow natural lighting and views of the worksite. The layout features a mixture of open and closed-concept offices, allowing for both collaboration and quiet workspaces. During the manufacturing process, the engineered structural components were strengthened to ensure the units will support the current requirements for a high seismic zone and the ability to operate as stand-alone buildings in the future.

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