Temporary Two-Storey Office Complex

Temporary Two-Storey Office Complex

5,760 sq. ft. | 90 days


A construction site needs a large temporary office complex

A Britco customer needed 5,000+ sq. ft. of office space for a long-term rental at a large infrastructure construction site in Vancouver. However, the site was not large enough for a single-storey, eight-unit structure. The complex needed to accommodate a full construction team and function as a typical office building with open workstation areas, private offices, washrooms and kitchens on each floor. Given the site’s space constraints and the client’s need for eight units’ worth of space, they understood that the wise choice was modular construction. The buildings had to be structurally sound enough to support the two-storey design, and accessible from the outside on both levels, since the individual modular units did not accommodate for interior staircases, but they could not compromise on comfort and quality.
Industry: Construction
Building Use: Office Complex 
Number of Modules: 8
Size of Project: 5,760 sq. ft.
Completion time: 90 days


Two-storey office complex constructed from fleet assets  

Britco designed and built a 48’x60’ high-quality, two-storey office complex comprised of eight high-quality custom modules from their existing fleet. The complex is uniformly clad in Britco's signature colours, is equipped with lots of windows to allow natural lighting inside and allow for a very proficient viewing of the work site, and each unit has a dual-fuel HVAC system (propane/electric).

This project is an excellent example of the cost and time benefits of modular, as Britco sourced units from its existing fleet. The entire project was completed in 90 days versus the extended period of time the client would have waited for a new modular complex. 

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