Resource Handling Storage Facility

Resource Handling Storage Facility

7,200 sq ft  |  10 Modules


Project Office with Tight Constraints on Site

A large resource company needed a project site office for the construction of a state-of-the-art handling and storage facility at their western port destination in interior British Columbia. The main constraint on site was available space. As a result, Britco was awarded the contract to supply a custom-built 7,200 square foot two-storey office complex.


Multi-Functional Two-Storey Complex

The building was designed with two purposes: the main floor was the lunchroom and gathering areas for the workers on site and the second floor contained offices and meeting rooms for the managers and administrative staff working on the project. The building was on site for over two years and then, exemplifying one of the biggest benefits of modular construction, the building was moved to another site requiring a temporary two-storey office complex with tight site constraints.

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