Refinery Lunchrooms and Offices

Refinery Lunchrooms and Offices

20,160 sqft | 83 days


Disconnected site in need of Consolidated Space 

Prior to the construction of this permanent, 28-module, 2-storey space, our client had been renting various individual modular trailers for employee and contractor offices. They needed a consolidated space where all their employees and contractors could collaborate and get away from the elements.  

Industry: Oil & Gas
Building Use: Office and lunchroom
Number of Modules: 28
Size of Project: 20,160 sq.ft
Completion time: 83 days 
Award: First Place, 2020 Modular Building Institute’s Award of Distinction in the Relocatable Assembly category 


Innovative & Cost-effective Workspace fit for Purpose and Comfort 

With a five-year contract and nearly 30 modules to work with, Britco got to work designing a consolidated central space where our client’s employees and contractors could meet, strategize and break for lunch. Upgraded HVAC units distributed throughout the space, the use of bright and efficient LED lighting and the placement of windows for natural light gave the space a modern and comfortable ambiance. 

All 28 modules, which are only accessible from the outside, had to be accessible at all times, so the Britco team constructed canopy-covered, site-built corridors that joined the modules together. This truly made the space feel consolidated – a building with offices and lunchrooms – rather than disconnected individual modules. The corridors also double as useful space, fitted with hooks for employees and contractors to hang their work gear.  

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