Permanent Office Complexes

Permanent Office Complexes

12,960 sq ft  |  18 Modules


Large office building with a permanent feel

To accommodate staff, the client was looking for a workspace solution that would become the new primary office environment for the organization. A traditional site-built structure was not an option for a number of reasons, including the site’s geotechnical constraints and the fact that the high-traffic nature of the business operation would not permit ongoing onsite construction activity. But, the client also wanted an environment that offered more character than the typical “trailer” feeling.


Custom 2-Storey Modular Office Complex

Britco provided a custom modular solution that addressed the client’s requirements and fit within the site constraints. Manufactured offsite and installed on structural piles, Britco supplied a two-story, 12,960-square-foot office complex, designed with interior finishes that mirrored the existing office environment that staff were accustomed to.

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