Safe Family Meetup Centres

Safe Family Meetup Centres

5 modules | 10 days


COVID-19 Pandemic isolates residents of retirement living facilities

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic required millions of people – particularly those at high risk living in community or retirement living facilities – to isolate. PARC Retirement Living jumped into action, hiring Britco to create a solution that would allow PARC residents to connect with their loved ones in a safe environment without risking contracting or spreading the coronavirus.
Building Use: Safe Family Meetup Centres
Number of Modules: 5
Completion time: 10 days

First Place at the 2021 MBI Awards of Distinction!


Customized Bulldog Site Offices become safe Family Meetup Centres

Within 10 days of PARC Retirement Living signing a contract with Britco, we outfitted five Bulldog Site Offices - one for each PARC facility in B.C. – with a semi-permanent central wall with tempered glass windows and HEPA filtration vents. The physical barrier allowed residents to visit with family and friends from a safe distance, while the glass window allowed them to see each other’s faces and the vents allowed them to hear each other’s voices. While these features were retrofitted into the Bulldogs to make the Family Meetup Centres possible, original features like the units’ two separate doorways made it possible for residents and visitors enter the Meetup Centres without making direct physical contact. 

The project was well-received by PARC Retirement Living staff, residents and visitors, as the safe Family Meetup Centres made isolation in an unprecedented time more bearable.
“Thank you for rising to the challenge and making this happen so quickly. It really is making a difference in the lives of our residents and their families.” Russell Hobbs, Vice President, Development & Construction


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