About Us

Why Britco

Britco sees things as its customers see them and understands that projects, like opportunities, have no boundaries. Whether it’s tight site requirements in a busy city or trying to ensure customers have what they need to get the job done in a remote location, Britco’s experienced team of designers, construction crews and project managers work with you every step of the way to ensure your buildings are there when you need them.

Why Modular

Britco helps customers rethink what is possible in building design and functionality. Speed, innovative design, sustainability and high quality define Britco's off-site modular construction advantage. When you choose a design-build off-site modular construction approach you get the benefit of a more efficient and environmentally friendly construction process as well as greater cost certainty and superior quality.

What Our Clients Say

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Britco-built accommodations in the Whistler Athletes’ Village are a designed and made-in-BC product that will make all Canadians proud.

Company Profile

Founded in 1977, Britco has modular construction facilities located in Canada and the United States. Britco is not only one of the largest commercial modular construction companies in North America but also is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of its customers anywhere in the world, no matter how challenging the location or the environment.

Community Involvement

Building Stronger Communities

At Britco, we recognize that our actions today play an important role in building healthy and thriving communities tomorrow. As our business has grown and expanded in British Columbia, across Canada and around the world, we have maintained a commitment to building strong communities here at home.